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(A2160)    PS 콘크리트특론 (Advanced Prestressed Concrete Structures)
(A2161)    강구조설계특론 (Advanced Design of Steel Structural)
(A2162)    교량공학특론 (Advanced Bridge Engineering)
(A2163)    구조동역학 (Dynamics of Structures)
(A2164)    구조 최적화 (Optimization of Structures)
(A2165) *  구조해석특론 (Advanced Structural Analysis)
(A2166)    기초공학특론 (Advanced Foundation Engineering)
(A2167)    내진설계 (Earthquake Resistant Design)
(A2168)    동수역학 (Hydrodynamics)
(A2169)    사면안정해석 (Slope Stability Analysis)
(A2170)    상수도시스템설계 (Design of Water Supply Systems)
(A2171)    상하수도공학특론 (Advanced Water Supply and wastewater Engineering)
(A2172)    수문학특론 (Advanced Hydrology)
(A2174)    수자원시스템 (Water Resources System)
(A2180)    용·폐수처리 시설의 설계 (Design of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants)
(A2183)    응용지하수모델링 (Applied Groundwater Modeling)
(A2184)    이론토질역학 (Theoretical Soil Mechanics)
(A2185)    지반공학세미나 (Seminar on Geotechnical Engineering)
(A2186) *  지반안정처리 (Soil Stabilization)
(A2187)    지하수모델링 (Groundwater Modeling)
(A2188)    지하수야외실험 (Field Methods in Groundwater)
(A2189)    지하수오염론 (Contaminant Groundwater)
(A2190)    지하수학 (Groundwater Hydrology)
(A2192)    철근콘크리트공학특론 (Advanced Reinforced Concrete)
(A2193)    추계수문학 (Stochastic Hydrology)
(A2195)    콘크리트공학세미나 (Seminar on Concrete Engineering)
(A2196)    콘크리트공학특론 (Advanced Concrete)
(A2197)    콘크리트구조설계 (Design of Concrete Structures)
(A2199) *  탄소성론 (Theory of Elasticity & Plasticity)
(A2204)    폐수처리공학특론 (Advanced Wastewater Treatment Engineering)
(A2205)    하수도시스템설계 (Design of Sewerage Systems)
(A2207)    환경시스템공학 (Environmental System Engineering)
(A2208)    환경시스템모형기법 (Modeling of Environmental System)
(A2209)    환경위생공학실험 (Environmental Sanitary Engineering Laboratory)
(A2210)    환경위생공학특론 (Advanced Environmental Sanitary Engineering)
(A2211)    흙의 동역학 (Soil Dynamics)
(A2212)    흙의 역학시험 (Mechanical Tests of Soils)
(A3650)    구조물진단학특론 (Advanced structural maintaintence inspection)
(A3651)    물리·화학적수처리론
            (Theory of physical and chemical processes of water treatment)
(A3652)    보강토공법특론 (Earth reinforce structure)
(A3653)    생물학적폐수처리론 (Theory of biological processes of wastewater treatment)
(A3654)    압밀론 (Theory of consolidation)
(A3655)    지반환경공학특론 (Geoenvironmental Engineering)
(A3656)    침투 및 투수 (Seepage and permeability in soil)
(A3657)    터널공학특론 (Advanced tunnel engineering)
(A3658)    토류구조물설계 (Design of earth structure)
(A3659)    토목재료학특론 (Advanced materials of construction)
(A3660)    토목지질학특론 (Civil engineering geology)
(A3661)    판 및 쉘구조이론 (Theory of plates and shells)
(A3662)    하천모델링 (Modeling of rivers)
(A2177)    연구지도 1 (Independent Studies 1)
(A2178)    연구지도 2 (Independent Studies 2)
(A2179)    연구지도 3 (Independent Studies 3)

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